• Premium Distribution for BOTH the DIY Independent Artist and Independent Labels.

• Synchronized sales in physical format (for the regional, national and international touring artist) to any retail music outlets in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand via our vast network of distributors via AMPED. 

• Indie Record Label umbrella contracts to cover all your Artist’s needs. Artist Management teams can also benefit from this service.

• Digital Distribution to 2,500+ online platforms in High Res - Audio.

• MOD program (Manufactured on Demand) available for select clients and touring artists to Archive entire Artist CD and DVD Libraries, so they are  available and always' in stock.

• We sell your digital music videos.

• We sell and Manufacture DVDs, Blu-ray, CDs.

• Providing timely and accurate reporting, accounting/payments.

• Extensive range of other Distribution Co-Op services, sales  advertising buy-ins, etc.

We are a full service Artist Development company. We work with developing talent all over the world. Most music genres including, Pop, Jazz, Classical, R&B, Blues, Rock, Country, Folk, Americana, Reggae and World.

Our services include:• Music Business Consulting• Project Management• Tour Development• Market Programming

The business side of the music industry is often the one thing the Artist hates to deal with. All the scheduling, bookkeeping, licenses, collections, mailing. project management, labels, PR, Social Media management and dozens more, often takes away from the creative side of the Artists' day.

When the time is right and the Artist can afford a Manager, we offer a customized program for each of our clients.


As a vendor to The Orchard/SONY, we place your audio and video singles and video albums, and film productions into 2,500+ online stores, downloading and streaming platforms in more than 25 global markets.

We deliver your audio tracks in Hi-Res AUDIO 96k/24 to 192k/24.